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Telephone KSL - Kinlochs & Son Ltd at our Kent Office on 01634 290999 Telephone KSL - Kinlochs & Son Ltd at our London Office on 0203 008 5441
Daikin, Mitsubishi and Toshiba Accredited and Partners providing extended equipment warranties for up to 5 years.

R-22 Equipment Replacement

Your R22 Air Conditioning Equipment needs to be replaced!

Is your current air-conditiong using R22 refrigerant, if it is you will need to consider a replacement in the near future.

R-22 is a HCFC commonly used in air conditioning, chillers and industrial refrigeration plant applications.

KSL are accredited by both the leading a/c manufactures Mitsubishi Electric (Business Solutions Partner) and Daikin (D1 Approved Installer) Air-conditiong and can offer you equipment replacement options.

Kinlochs and Son Limited
can offer up to a 5 year warranty on our installations. R22 replacement has become urgent since R22 virgin refrigerant being banned in January 2010.

Daikin R-22 Equipment Replacement

Under EU legislation a total ban on the use of all R22 comes into force in 2015. In the meantime, only recycled R22 can be used in your existing R22 refrigerant air-conditioning systems.

As a result, demand for recycled R22 is increasing. The problem is that the industry only reclaims 10 to 15% of the amount of R22 required to maintain current systems. So while supplies are scarce, rising demand is boosting the price of reprocessed R22 gas, causing the cost of maintaining existing equipment to soar upwards.

Current users of R22 refrigerant face:

l  Rising expense of purchasing reclaimed R22 for system maintenance.

l  Risk of a long down-time of equipment when R22 is in short supply or not available.

l  Investing in completely new systems in place of fully functional existing equipment.

l  Replacement technology allowing the reuse of the interconnecting pipe work with only the indoor and outdoor units being replaced.

l  Investing in completely new systems in place of fully functional existing equipment.

l  Cost and disruption to the working environment.

Please contact our Kent office on: 01634 290999 for a no obligation discussion to see how KSL can assist you in your planning for the future.

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